Spirit Mark Policy

Spirit marks may be used to promote non-Campbell Athletics events and recreational activities on campus and encourage Institutional pride or school spirit.

Spirit Mark Guidelines

When represented in orange — the mark is displayed as Campbell Orange – Pantone 158.   (Not Fighting Camel Orange – Pantone 172). 
These marks should never be used alone or in place of any academic mark. A secondary reference to the University must always be present.
Always allow for clear space when using the spirit marks.  (One “hump” distance on all sides of the mark.)
No elements of the spirit marks should be altered or removed.
When are Spirit Marks permitted?
  • Campbell unit communications
  • Internal promotions/communications to current students
  • Internal communication channels within campus units
  • External communications targeting prospective students
  • Registered student organizations
  • Alumni/Advancement communication
When are Spirit Marks not permitted?
  • External facing academic or official communications. The Institutional marks should be utilized in these instances.
  • College identifiers on websites
  • Activities representing Campbell University Athletics. All athletics marks require prior approval before use.