Logos & Wordmark

University Logos & Wordmark

The Campbell logo is the face of our university. When used consistently, the logo strengthens our identity and further enhances the Campbell brand.

Campbell University wordmark

The Icon & Wordmark

The Kivett icon and Campbell University wordmark represent the official logo of the University.

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Other University Logos & Marks

example image of signature mark

Signature Marks

College, school and department signatures use the official Campbell University logo to maintain a consistent brand identity.
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tagline version

Logo with Tagline

The addition of the University tagline to this logo makes this a good choice for brochure covers and promotional materials. There are three color options. The same clearance rules apply to this logo as the wordmark.
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The University Seal

The seal is the University’s official corporate signature. Only the University Board and President may authorize its use. It is not to be used on stationery, programs, clothing, advertising, etc.

Athletics Marks

The Campbell Athletics marks and font are to be used only for athletics and should not be used on clothing and/or merchandise that do not represent Campbell University Athletics. Use of the Athletics marks require prior permission from Athletics Marketing. 

Spirit Marks

Spirit marks may be used to promote non-Campbell Athletics events and recreational activities on campus and encourage Institutional pride or school spirit.

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cropped logo design example

Secondary Logos

Secondary logos may be created for use with events or programs that have a fixed start and end date such as centennials, dedications, camps and seminars.
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Logo & Wordmark Usage Guide

The Campbell University wordmark must be used on all University publications, newsletters, marketing materials and graphics, advertisements and email marketing.

The University wordmark is to be reproduced only from an authorized original and cannot be redrawn or modified in any way.

Trademark & Licensing

The name, marks, and image of Campbell University cannot be used to imply or suggest endorsement of any product or service not provided by the University. The University’s wordmark, seal, and other marks are registered with the United States Patent and Trademark Office and protected by law.

Individuals and organizations outside the University who wish to use any of the official marks must first obtain written permission from the University VP of Communications and Marketing.

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Rules for layout design

logo clearance example

Keep other design objects and text away from university and signature logos. When using marks that include the shield, measure the shield’s height to calculate proper spacing around the logo. All logos have been cropped with proper boundaries allowing one inch or 72 pixels of clearance.

Printing guidelines

When printing larger versions of the logo, use EPS and PDF formats. This will provide the clearest prints at larger sizes. Always print university logos in the original color.

Sizing limitations

Do not resize logos to less than 50% of their original sizes. Approval must be granted when logos are smaller than 50%.

Color combinations

All logo kits include three color combinations—main, white on orange and black & white—and come with recommendations of use.

image of logo


Our main version is preferred because it is the most easy-to-read logo and includes our Campbell Orange.

logo color orange

White on Orange

Best option next to our main color combination. Great for including more Campbell Orange in your designs.

logo color black

Black & White

Use only when printing is limited to black &  white or grayscale, or when a digital design must be in black & white.

Signature logos & layouts

Official college, school and department signatures marks/logos have been created to maintain a consistent brand identity. We offer three signature logo layouts in each department, school, college and program set.

All signature logos labeled 2021 or later are the most current versions. Please re-download the new signature logo sets and use them in newly created designs. Logos used in previous designs do not have to be replaced, but it is highly recommended due to adjustments that have been applied to the 2021 or later logo files.

Please do not create or modify signature logos. New signature logos may be requested through our design services form.

Signature logo layouts

image of signature logo


Ideal for designs with center alignment throughout and when balance is needed. This is the preferred signature logo layout when appropriate.

image of logo new 2021


Ideal for left-aligned designs and when the logo needs to fit within a narrow, rectangular area.

image of horizontal logo


Ideal for headers and footers. Use when vertical space is limited and there is ample horizontal area.

Signature logo color combinations

signature logo color main


Our main version is a two-toned logo featuring the University mark and your unique signature. This is the preferred color combination because it is the most legible.

signature logo color orange

White on Orange

Preferred second to our main color combination. Great for including more Campbell Orange in your designs.

signature logo color bw

Black & White

Use only when printing is limited to black and white or grayscale, or when a digital design must be in black and white.

Incorrect Usage of Logos

incorrect usage

Do not flip the logo.

incorrect usage

Do not rotate the logo.

incorrect usage

Do not adjust the proportions of the logo.

incorrect usage

Do not independently move or scale the elements.

incorrect usage

Do not modify the approved colors of the logo.

incorrect usage

Do not place the logo over photos or patterns.