Photography Standards

When selecting photography, we encourage professional, high-resolution shots that showcase our brand essentials

Photography that appears in any materials for Campbell University must have a contemporary style and should spark interest through composition. Use bright colors and lighting conditions to maintain contrast.

All photography must be shot at 300 dpi or greater for maximum quality. Whenever possible, professional photography should be used.

image of student

Tell a visual story

Make sure the subject is in a relevant context and environment.

image of students at football game

Be authentic

Capture moments of real emotion.

image of student in class

Focus on the subject

Use soft lens blurs to help focus on the subject.

student having fun

Balance interior and exterior shots

Don’t focus solely on the classroom. 

image of students talking

Clear the clutter

Pay attention to the surroundings in the background. Don’t let anything distract from the story.

image of book on desk

Capture the details

Tell a story by capturing details.

Avoid posing subjects

Tell a story that is natural and engaging.

Avoid distractions

Remove items that detract from the subject.

Use singular images

No photo collages, compilations, etc.

example of required professional photo quality


The online directory includes official headshots of Campbell faculty and staff. It is important that all images in the directory are recent, high quality, and maintain a consistent, professional look with an appropriate background. 

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